How did the name 'The Vizibles' come about?

THE VIZIBLES is what it is, that is easy to remember and captures the essence of what materialises, it is recognizable and capable of being discovered, accessable and well-known, it takes what the mind creates and makes it tangible. You can see it. Its carefully placed vowels and consonants represent a history and celebration for the visual world. THE VIZIBLES started with a colleague from Stockholm with a discussion on a variation. Originally their was a society called the THE INVISIBLES with an 'IN' and an 'S'. As a response to this I once tagged a piece of work with the name MR INVIZIBLE with a 'Z'. I continued to pursue a more original idea. At that point I noticed that their was a sudden use of the idea from a multimedia event called the (IN)VISIBLES. Sombody used the idea so I created a variation that would make more sense as a mark of authenticity. THE VIZIBLES with a 'Z' I continued to tag lots of online flyers that were going to the BitterZoet in Amsterdam, and then their was a very clear distinction that creatives were using this variation 'visible' to describe their work, it became an in word.

What is The Vizibles?

If you want to pigeon hole The Vizibles it is Illustration. The vizibles has experience with the art and the corporate world. The Vizibles is also a in the broader scheme of things a regurgitation of images and everyday experience.

What do we do?

The Vizibles services the corporate and art world. The balance between the two is important to us, and the kind of projects we do. That is important for our integrity.

What is our purpose?

The purpose of the Vizibles is to make great images through cultural experience and give re-affirmation of positive messages and a smile in the mind, an image that makes you say 'Yea!'